Unidos por Puerto Rico: October 2017

In light of Hurricane Maria that devastated Puerto Rico from September 16 - October 3, 2017, the profits from our October restocks have been donated to the Unidos por Puerto Rico. 

The hurricane, considered the most severe natural disaster ever recorded in both the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and one of the top 10 most dangerous hurricane every recorded in the Atlantic, left thousands upon thousand with their lives completely uprooted. Total damages have amounted over $90 billion so far. 

From a Time Magazine Article, an interviewee Diego Rivera said, “Everything, I lost everything,” Even eleven days after his house was destroyed, “...we’re still waiting. They haven’t done nothing yet.” 

Stories like Rivera's touched our hearts. With a long uphill battle intertwined with politics and capitalist interests for those living in Puerto Rico, we are trying our best to help in any way we can. 

To see the Time article, click here.

To donate directly to Puerto Rico's Unidos Hurricane Maria relief program, click here

Maggie Zhang